Brand24 offers its customers comprehensive services in online monitoring. This software allows for the analysis of trends related to a brand or to individual keywords, which lets you plan marketing campaigns, and it also allows for measuring the results of such campaigns and social media activities. This advanced technology also allows for selecting the most influential and most effective (from the marketing point of view) authors who release information on a sector and brands. The users are also able to generate comparative analyses of the basic data on the monitored brands.


Michał Sadowski

Mick Griffin

Mick Griffin 


Feedbeek-2Piotr Wierzejewski

Piotr Wierzejewski


ScreenShu is a software tool that simplifies taking screenshots and automatically uploading them online. This software allows for taking a screenshot and saving it on a cloud, complete with an instant unique URL for sharing the picture with others in a very short time. The screenshots can be freely edited in real time. Furthermore, they can be set to ‘limited access’ and you can analyse basic statistics on the URL views. This software is mainly aimed toward gamers, as it facilitates communication between the players.

Zdjęcie Maciej Białek

Maciej Białek




Restaumatic provides existing websites with a complex and professional system for online food delivery. Furthermore, it allows the restaurants to increase their sales and lower marketing costs. Restaurant owners who use the Company’s solution are more independent than those using competing, global market solutions, as the system eliminates any middlemen. Additionally, the software has a more favourable price and allows the restaurant owners to freely customize it, depending on their own needs. The portal has been created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and thus it fully satisfies their needs.

Marek Skubacz

Marek Skubacz

Michał Kozakiewicz

Michał Kozakiewicz


Isivi is an innovative job portal for young people. It matches the job offers to the candidates using matching algorithms. Because of matching the suggested offers to the candidates, the recruiters only receive those applications that match their requirements, which raises the quality of received applications, and reduces the time needed for finding the best candidate, thus raising the efficiency of the recruitment process. For the candidates, the algorithm’s biggest value is in shortening the time needed for finding an appropriate offer. Additionally, the portal provides its users with other services like a CV generator.


Jan Radzikowski

Konrad Słoniewski

Konrad Słoniewski

Tomasz Grzechnik

Tomasz Grzechnik

Tomasz Grzechnik

Tomasz Główka


Gamfi is the leading company in the field of gamification-based solutions. They boast the highest number of implementations in Poland, mainly in the field of marketing. The Company bases its products on the Gamfi platform and on the market demands of business customers, which allows for a shorter implementation time and lower risk of creating a non-validated product.


Arkadiusz Cybulski

Adrian Witkowski

Adrian Witkowski


Kekemeke is a mobile marketing tool based on loyalty programs and using the SaaS model. It has been created to replace loyalty cards and stamp cards from various different service establishments. The application allows customers to collect virtual stamps and discounts of any chains that use Kekemeke in one place – on a smartphone.


Tomasz Bucholc


Adam Zajdzik

Booksy logo

Booksy – a SaaS tool that allows the customers to book a health & beauty-related service through an application. It also allows the business owners to manage their businesses using the booksy.biz application. Booksy’s main selling point is a user-friendly calendar and software designed for smartphones – mobile first, tailored to the needs of the service providers.


Stefan Batory


Konrad Howard


Agnieszka Zembrzycka


Tomasz Zembrzycki


FunFotos not only manages, but also independently manufactures photo booths. It is the leader on the Polish market – it currently owns 100 photo booths. FunFotos’s photo booths are modern devices that allow their users not only to take funny photos, but also share them with their friends on Facebook and Instagram. All photo booths are connected to the Internet, which allows to systematically monitor their status, ensuring that each device is fail-safe.

Marcin Młodzki

Rafał Młodzki


Tomek Młodzki


Sugester.pl – a SaaS tool for comprehensive management of customer communications and exchanging information within the company. Sugester is an easy-to-use system with a flexible, modular structure that assists in external communication management – through a helpdesk and the integration of communication with the CRM or through reading customers’ opinions on a feedback forum. Another module covers task management and work efficiency assessment, while yet another allows for automatic publication of FAQ and knowledge base materials.

Additionally, the system introduces gamification elements – mechanisms known from video games, which allow to award users with points and badges for their activity in the system. Such integration of functionalities in a single system allows for a faster and better service, and also for quality control of said service.


Michał Stefaniak


Marcin Stefaniak

Paweł Derylo


MyLED, the leader of the DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) LED screens market has created and developed a platform for consolidating the electronic advertising media market – in both the Indoor and Outdoor segments. The LED screens are integrated with an online platform for the implementation and management of marketing campaigns in real time. The platform is adjusted to the needs of media houses and advertising agencies. Until now, no LED screen owner has been able to meet such standards on its own, which has kept them out of nationwide campaigns. MYLED consolidates screen owners, allowing them to participate in a bigger purchasing group.

Grzegorz Śliwa (1)

Grzegorz Śliwa


Łukasz Przebinda


Maciej Podgórny

sotrender_logo_dark (1)

Sotrender is the first research company in Poland that specialises in studying and analysing social media. The company was founded in 2011 by experienced Internet researchers based at the University of Warsaw. The company’s flagship product is the Sotrender application, which uses the SaaS model. It allows for performing automatic analyses of communication and campaigns in social media, helps interpret the data, and provides precise, practical tips for activities on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


Jan Zając


Paweł Kucharski

dominik batorski

Dominik Batorski


Eccentricity Games is an independent producer of casual games for mobile devices. Piotr Wątrucki is the company’s president. ECC Games makes its own applications, and takes commissions as well. The applications work on the major platforms – iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

So far, they have got about a dozen of projects in their portfolio, all of which have been received well on the mobile games market. ECC Games’s major titles include: Role in the Hole, Tower Dwellers, Zombies Ate My Baby, Dive for Treasures, Empire Manager.

ECC Games was also a key subcontractor in some outsourcing projects, the most famous of which was the game Plants vs Zombies. ECC Games is currently working on its own F2P games, which constitute the most profitable and prospective segment of the mobile games market.


Piotr Wątrucki


PrimeOn implements innovative IT solutions using the SaaS model at educational establishments in Poland and other countries of the world.

The first project completed by PrimeOn was the Prymus.info electronic grade book for state schools. It was introduced into the schools in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, and Kenya. The next stage of the Company’s development was to broaden its customer market by creating a system for language schools. The LangLion platform very quickly became the leader of the language school software market, as the modular structure of the system and the flexible settlement system address the needs of schools of various sizes.


Patryk Chmielewski


Michał Bartosiński

Mariusz Wójcik

Mariusz Wójcik