Inovo.vc invests in Polish companies of the small and medium-sized enterprises sector. The Fund was raised from private limited partners, mostly successful entrepreneurs, and was backed with the National Capital Fund’s financial resources.

The capitalization of our Fund amounts to 30 million zł (€6.79 million), which we allot on investing in innovative companies with high potential for growth. Our Team is experienced in running companies, strategic consulting, and financing.

  We support entrepreneurs who know that sales are the most important step on the road to success.

  We invest in companies that generate revenue.

  We choose companies with global, international outlook.

  How do we look for startups? Read our Team’s Michał Rokosz’s comment at MamStartup.pl (in Polish)

Benefits of working with Inovo:

  We share our knowledge and competence in the following areas:

  • Online business and business focused on online sales
  • Software, especially SaaS
  • Marketing and PR
  • Education
  • Technologies used in retail trade

  We encourage sales, sales, sales, with particular emphasis on sales. We help entrepreneurs plan their strategy and processes so that they can focus on sales

We arrange networking meetings between our companies

  We have built a broad network of relations on the Polish and European ‘C-level’: CEOs, CFOs, CTOs

  We have an extensive business network of potential partners, employees, sales experts, EU grants, and process modelling

  Our experience in follow-on financing is our advantage, which will help plan further rounds of an investment or debt financing

  We help, but we don’t want to interfere

What’s the investment process at Inovo.vc?

  Submit your project at kontakt@inovo.vc,and send us the following:

  • the investor presentation/teaser

  • the business plan or a summary of the business plan

  • and the financial model with projections

  We respond to all applications within a few days, after which we will arrange a meeting with you

 Signing an NDA

  Verification of the project and the team. Our team’s experts will perform a commercial and financial check of your business

 Agreeing on the preconditions – the amount of the investment, shares, valuation, timeframe

  Signing the Letter of Intent – the so-called Termsheet contains the standard list of rights and obligations for each of the parties

  The Investment Committee approves the decision on the investment

 Commercial, legal, and financial due diligence – the investment risks assessment and verification stage, final assessment of the project

  Negotiations and signing of the Investment Contract followed by the second Investment

 Committee, during which the final decision concerning the investment is made

 Onboarding, support and monitoring of the investment – the Fund’s experts cooperate with the Company in order to raise its market value. The Fund offers mentoring, as well as strategic and operational consulting

  Investment exit – the investment exit occurs through the company entering the stock market, selling to a strategic investor, or a Management Buy Out

  In case you are wondering, our customer management software is provided by Pipedrive CRM.